Towards Sindhi renaissance

By Manzoor Chandio
Aug 22, 2008
There is the need to revive Sindh’s lost glory like the Europeans did in 14th to 17th century renaissance.
It is time Sindhis must learn more about Sindh’s unique heritage and civilization—the Sindhu-Sarasvati civilization.
Like the renaissance, meaning rebirth, began from Italy and spread throughout Europe, the civilization’s revival must begin from Sindh—the cradle of the integrated Indus era.
In this connection educated Sindhis can play the role like the renaissance intellectuals from Italy in reviving the Roman civilization.
The only thing is that we must own our heritage and civilization with pride and be assertive in introducing ourselves as the inheritors of the Sindhu-Sarasvati civilization.
First of all, it should be made clear that we are a nation of Sindh since time immemorial. The documentary proof of ours being a Sindh country and a Sindhi nation is mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures, the Vedas.
Even the Arab writers have mentioned the country of Sindh and the nation of Sindh some 1,400 years ago.
According to the Chachnama “Sindh [country] at the time of Chach (founder of the Brahamin dynasty in Sindh) bordered Kashmir in the north, Sindh Sagar in the south, Kirman in the west and Kanooj in the east”.
Who is a Sindhi? I think we must not confine a Sindhi who lives in the province of Sindh. The people from the Sindh province and also outside of Sindh, including those from Punjab’s Seraiki belt, Balochistan, Rajasthan and Gujarat’s Kutch region have much in common.
Therefore, a Sindhi is who, who lives in the geographical locations mentioned in the ancient Indian scriptures and the Chachnama.

To be continued…

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