Middle East: Trauma of the Lebanon war

By Manzoor Chandio
Written on July 30, 2006

WHEN the leading planner of Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’ (extermination of Jews), Reinhard Heydrich, was assassinated by Free Czech agents in 1942, Hitler had ordered liquidation of Lidice, a Czechoslovakia village where the incident had taken place.
All 172 men in the village were shot dead and women were sent to a Nazi concentration camp where they died later.
Houses in the entire village were razed to the ground and no traces were left behind to assume that once any settlement existed there. Even Lidice’s name was removed from the map.
If we draw an analogy between Lidice’s annihilation and today’s Lebanon, we find no difference. The only difference is that then the world’s big powers were on the side of Lidice but today the superpower and its allies are silent supporter of Lebanon’s destruction.
The world superpower justifies the trauma of Lebanon by calling it a patient in which Hezbollah had grown as a cancer. Lebanon must welcome (surgeon Israel) to remove the cancer Hezbollah. They say that when the cancer is removed, the patient must suffer.
They forget that Lebanon had got that cancer from the wounds inflicted on it by Israel itself in 1982 and 1978.
Since then the US and Israeli military relations took a new shape and the two countries entered into a new era of strategic cooperation.They conducted first joint naval and air military games. The US gave Israel $1.5 billion aid. Israel claims that it wanted to punish Hezbollah for kidnapping two Israeli defence force troops and not the Lebanese people.
But what the media has shown us is that Israel has destroyed all Lebanese roads, bridges, homes, telecommunications, power infrastructure, airports, factories, food warehouses and hospitals.
The hell it has created in the country had caused exodus of millions of Lebanese.If that was the Israeli punishment, then what punishment the country itself deserves whose military had so far kidnapped and killed thousands of Palestinians?
Even the killing of four UN observers in southern Lebanon is said to be a deliberate act of Israel as the country was angry with them for not enforcing Security Council Resolution 425 in 28 years.
It was a message to UN observers to leave the buffer zone which can be replaced by a force that the US is trying to create for Lebanon.
The Bush administration simply rejected the UN secretary-general’s appeal for a ceasefire because it is the US which alone had the power to make or break the peace. No doubt that it was a long-cherished dream of the Israel lobby in the US to act on their recommendations of destroying Hamas and Hezbollah.
Israel’s third attack on Lebanon was long due because when Israel attacked the country, a US columnist said: “It was our war. Our means America’s.”
Therefore, it is wrong to assume that only the monolithic Israeli lobby is behind the destruction of Lebanon, Israeli expansionism and the separation wall.
It is the US policy that continuously engineers military interventions and coups around the world. It is the US which backs monarchs, despots and obscure rulers of the Muslim world and controls poor countries through the IMF.


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